Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Here is a simple but really cute teacher gift. I simply took a roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, rolled it in some red sugar and sliced it. Bake them as the directions call and when you take them out push three mini chocolate chips in to the center to resemble the seeds. I packaged mine in plain ziploc baggies and made a topper using the apple from Plantin Schoolbook. They were a hit.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wow, This was a really fun project. A good friend of mine asked me to embellish a cake for her sons high school graduation party. The Theme was Luau.

I used Life's A Beach Cartridge for all my cuts. They are all in card stock and then glued to skewers and just stuck into the top of the cake. The word "Congratulations" is up at the top on leaves and flowers

Here's a close up of the cute chairs with a bikini and swim trunks on. Also there are little flip flops and a fruity umbrella drink.

The little geckos were too cute not to put on there too. I made the waves that are around the sides with MM Fondant on the Cricut Cake. That machine is way to much fun!!

Behind the chairs were a pair of really cute flamingos and some palm trees. The flamingos means something to the family so we had to put them in there.

We had the new graduates name up on the main surf board.

Then these surf boars were the initials of his High school and his college. The turtles were so cute too. And yet another flamingo.
And last but not least the little crab, sand dollars and the turtles. Like I said, Phew! All done and it tasted really good!!! Thanks for looking.