Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!!
Phew, Ok here I am and I am alive, but barely! lol. Who knew this cake thing would be so popular and crazy so fast. I thought I'd just post a few that I've done recently to show you what I've been up too.

Small Flower cake for my friend:
Baby Shower cake:
Complete with booties:
Army cake:
An Anniversary cake for 14 amazing years:
Hello Kitty!

Golf Cake, Fore!!!!Close up of the golf bag and clubs:
Sweet sixteen!
A roller skate cake for a groovy roller party!
Ok a few more.....
A daisy princess cake:
A sand pail for a California girl:
Super Mario!
Champagne anyone!
Hut.. Hut.. Hut... A foot ball cake
Phew..... and that's not all. I have been truly blessed to find something that I really love to do. Craft not only in paper but in cake. Thank you all for your encouraging and kind words.