Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another party Done. Phew, today was so crazy. It was my sons 4th birthday and we had a full dino party. It was fun! We had a bone dig with bones I had made with salt dough. We had an egg hunt with eggs I made with water balloons, paper mache and pint, (I had filled them and then replastered them closed) We had an egg hatch with water balloon filled with water and they all sat on them untill they popped! nice and wet for the nearly 90 degree weather we had today! The we had a dino craft, we painted and glued split peas onto a wooden dino shape. The food and cake. Like I said, Phew! Here are some pictures.
Cousin Brett and Chrisitan with their Dinosaur eggs they found.

Here is the favor cake I made. All the kids got to take a "piece of cake" filled with playdough and a Dino facts face washcloth that was compressed in the shape of a dino egg. Pretty cool!
And the Active volcano cake! What a treat. The kids loved that we put dry ice in the top and it was really smokin'! All the food items had a little place tag too.

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